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‘Star Wars arm’ improving life for amputees

The LUKE prosthetic arm can read nerve signals from muscle left after an amputation. Angela Moore reports.

Illinois Army Veteran Grateful for Donated Bionic Arm

An Army veteran, Krischke adapted, learning to change her children’s diapers with her dominant right arm and feet. She got by with a prosthetic that had a hook until she didn’t have to get by anymore.

Veterans Receive DARPA’s LUKE Arm

On Friday, June 30th, at a ceremony at the Manhattan campus of the Department of Veterans Affairs’ New York Harbor Health Care System, two veterans living with arm amputations became the first recipients of a new generation of prosthetic limb that promises them unprecedented, near-natural arm and hand motion. The modular, battery-powered arms, designed and developed by DEKA Research & Development Corp. for DARPA, represent the most significant advance in upper extremity prosthetics in more than a century…


Creating the Bionic Arm

Thanks to the biggest innovation in prosthetic arms since World War II it’s now possible for amputees to pick up small, delicate objects they never thought they would master. Scott Pelley reports.