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Featuring up to 10 Powered Joints

The LUKE arm is the only commercially-available prosthesis with a powered shoulder, allowing a shoulder-level amputee to reach over their head. In its shoulder configuration, the LUKE arm features ten powered joints.

Shoulder Abduction and Adduction
Humeral Rotation
Elbow Flexion and Extension
Wrist Pronation and Supination
Compound Wrist with combined ulnar/radial deviation
Thumb Flexion and Extension
Flexion and Extension of Other Fingers
Index Finger Flexion and Extension
Thumb Abduction and Adduction
Shoulder Flexion and Extension

+ Illustrations are for demonstration purposes only and may not reflect the exact range of motion of the LUKE arm.

Multiple Grip Patterns

The hand on each LUKE arm is pre-programmed to perform a variety of grip patterns.

The power grip is used to grasp larger objects such as bottles, handles, etc.


The tool grip can be used to grasp a tool handle and independently operate the index finger to trigger the tool. It can also be used for many other applications such as typing.

In the fine pinch closed grip, the tips of the thumb and index finger come together while the middle, ring, and pinky fingers are closed. The fine pinch closed grip allows the user to pick up and grasp small items or pinch a zipper, for example.

The fine pinch open grip is similar to the fine pinch closed grip except the middle, ring, and pinky fingers remain open and extended. The fine pinch open grip may be useful in grasping items where the closed fingers would interfere.

In the lateral pinch grip, the thumb and index finger come together allowing the user to grip items such as keys, pens or pencils, forks, knives, or spoons.

In the chuck grip, the thumb engages the index and middle fingers directly, creating a three finger hold. It can be used to grasp round objects such as door knobs, bottles, cups, etc.

A Range of Input Device Options

The LUKE arm has a flexible control system that allows the arm to be controlled by a variety of input devices.  Most industry standard input devices such as surface EMG electrodes and bump switches may be used.

IMU Foot Control*
Pressure Transducer
Pressure Switch
Rocker Switch
Linear Transducer

IMU – Intuitive Wireless Foot Controls*

In addition to the many control input options, the LUKE arm may be controlled with Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs) that are typically worn on the user’s shoes. They read the tilt of the user’s foot and interpret each movement like a joystick to control the arm.

  • Control arm functions with foot movements
  • Up to 2 IMUs can be used at a time along with other input options
  • IMUs are sealed and waterproof
  • Charged with a wireless charging pad
  • Walk detect feature automatically disables IMU inputs when the user is walking and re-enables them as soon as the user stops walking

*  The Inertial Measurement Units (IMU) are Mobius Bionics’ own input device created exclusively for the LUKE arm.

More Features

Proportional Speed Control

Proportional speed control allows for more fluid motion by letting the user control how fast the joints move by adjusting how gently or aggressively they trigger the input signal.

Compound Wrist

The compound wrist combines the movements of Wrist Flexion and Extension with Ulnar and Radial Deviation which allows users to grasp objects above the head or below the waist while keeping the hand level.

Optional Internal Battery

Humeral and Shoulder Configurations are orderable with an optional internal battery that can be used by itself or in conjunction with the external battery to extend usage time.

Conforming Grasp

The LUKE hand has a powered thumb, powered index finger and combined powered middle, ring and pinky fingers that allow the hand to conform to different objects in multiple grip patterns.

Tactile Feedback

A tactor (vibratory motor) can be mounted to the user’s socket to provide vibratory feedback. This can be activated by sensors in the thumb and/or by switching modes and grips.

Virtual Reality Training

The software used by the prosthetist to set up the controls of each arm has a simulated arm which allows users to test and practice their controls while making any desired changes prior to donning the arm.

Luke Arm System Product Specifications







Weight 4.7 kg 3.4 kg 1.4 kg
Voltage 14.8 V (nominal)
Battery Type LI-Ion (rechargeable)
Battery Capacity Up to 7000 mAh Up to 5000 mAh
Operating Temperature -10°C to 50°C (14°F to 122°F)

Powered Joints







Multi-Articulating Hand
Wrist Flexor with Ulnar/Radial Deviation
Wrist Rotator
Elbow Flexor
Humeral Rotator
Shoulder Flexor
Shoulder Abductor